giovedì 3 dicembre 2015

Istituto Europeo an unforgettable experience: Etsu Muranishi Japanese illustrator

In the photo Etsu Muranishi at the salon of Italian language in Tokyo,
together with Rinaldo Romagnoli IE’s director
featuring a copy of her manual

ISTITUTO EUROPEO learning without forgetting

Etsu Muranishi Japanese illustrator studied at Istituto Europeo in November 2011 to learn Italian and take a sketch course, because she was highly interested in both, in learning the language and in refining her already considerable skills in drawing.
In Japan she is now a known and valued artist.
She’s currently working with some publishing houses, in the marketing sector, and collaborates with different magazines …she has also held exhibitions in several towns of Japans and she’s finally teaching at Asahi Culture Center Chiba.
She has recently published a companion of illustration, which is having a great success in her country.
She has reapetedly highlighted that her stay in Florence has been instrumental in getting a new perspective for her work.

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