giovedì 14 agosto 2014

Sociology of Crime at Istituto Europeo

Sociology of Crime a 3 week course aimed at groups of students

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This course takes into consideration all variables concerning the perpetration of crime on an individual and social level. In order to achieve this objective, lessons are devoted to the in-depth examination of different basic perspectives to understand criminal behavior. The main premise of the course is that not all potential variables aimed at explaining criminal behavior play the same role. In this regard, from situation to situation (i.e., individual, familial, peer and borough levels), certain factors prevail over others to affect people’s behavior according to specific circumstances. Consequently, this study focuses on personality factors combined with the variables of the social context.

More specifically, the course is divided into two parts. The first part, theoretical in scope, examines the Classical School, the so-called Positive School of Cesare Lombroso, the Chicago School, Edwin Sutherland’s theory of differential associations, the anomie theory, subculture theory, and conflict theory, to move on to recent developments such as labeling and rational choice theories. The second part is based on case studies in order to better understand and apply the theoretical perspectives explained during the first part of the course. The case studies that are illustrated are based on personal research on juvenile gangs and organized crime.

Students will acquire new frameworks and tools to interpret criminal behavior. In addition, students will become familiar with different perspectives on criminal behavior as well as etiology and social risk factors.

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