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Study Abroad, ISTITUTO EUROPEO; ACA SUMMER 2011 Quick Tips and suggestions for anyone going to the Amalfi Coast!

First off, bring hiking shoes I have seen too many people wear flip-flops for a 25 minute hike through the unlevel coast. Second, bring sunscreen and a hat; these are two of the most valuable things to have due to the vastly hot temperature and lack of shade. Not to mention, it feels cooler by the water even though it’s well over 100◦ F. Lastly, don’t forget to Drink plenty of water and bring socks to wear to walk on the sand; the sand becomes too hot to walk on and all public bathrooms cost around .50 cents, bring correct change.

Places to see:
Capri: Take the boat tour around the isle of Capri, they will show you all of the grottos. However, entrance to the Blue Grotto depends on the weather; the slightest condition can make entering the grotto dangerous. After the boat tour, go up to Capri town, it’s small but full of life and they have some of the best seafood. There are plenty of restaurants in Capri, one of the best suggested is Capri’s Restaurant, it is reasonably priced. After seeing the town, make your way down to one of the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. Lastly, you must try the Lemoncello, Capri is known for it.

Positano: Is my favorite place in all of Italy. It is has a great relaxing atmosphere and is one of the prettiest towns throughout the Amalfi Coast. Positano is known for their handmade leather sandals. The town has many shops and plenty of great views from those areas. Positano has public and private beaches, if you’re looking for a less crowded area with some comfort, you can go to L’ incanto ( The cost for an umbrella and one lounge chair is about 14 Euros for the day. L’incanto ( also has is a very good restaurant serving some of Positanos best pizza. If you’re looking just for a quick snack or panini, I suggest you go to Vini e panini. Everything there is freshly made right in front of you, you can get a large panino with anything on it for around 4 Euros, also they sell fresh fruit that they wash and cut for you. This was my personal favorite spot to eat due to the amount of food you receive for an in expensive amount.

Pompeii: Walking through Pompeii is like walking back in time; it’s very beautiful and has so much history. I suggest getting a tour guide due to the fact that everything looks the same therefore it makes it hard to distinguish what areas were used for and their context. There are many places to eat outside of Pompeii; we choose to eat at the Hotel across the way they offered a two course meal for 12 Euros. One can choose from pizza or pasta (try both, they’re very good!) with a salad or French fries and any soft drink followed by gelato. After, take the bus ride to the top of Mt. Vesuvius be sure to wear comfortable shoes, you will be walking up hill for 25 minutes on lose gravel not flat ground. Once to the top you have an amazing view of the coast and the Volcano.

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