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Top 5 Gelaterias in Florence

Author: Gayane Simonyan

If you plan to visit Florence or you are already here and you are an ice-cream lover, don’t lose your chance to visit the best Gelaterias in Florence. I would recommend to definitely visit these ones.

1. Venchi

Venchi in Florence is working for 2 years already but they have many others throughout Italy. They come from Turin, and the history of their factory dates back to 1878.


Venchi - a culture based on values of tradition, quality and specialization. 130 years of passion and experience, where the selection of the best genuine ingredients is converted into 350 unique recipes.

“We have so many flavours of ice-cream even for the most wayward clients. We have also a great variety of chocolate that is worth trying. Taking an ice cream, chocolate or milkshake, coffee, and in the winter time hot chocolate, you can go upstairs to take a sit and enjoy your stay,” said Viviana, the manager of the gelateria.

She could see the unique point of their ice-cream shop being a very elegant place where you can try chocolate, coffee, snack bar, 28 ice cream flavours and have a sit at a quite graceful atmosphere.

The prices here start from 2.5 euros for a small cup of ice-cream with two flavours of your choice.

2. Perché no

From 1939 Perché no offers homemade ice-cream every morning, hence fresh every day. The whole making takes place in the laboratory using only the best available, natural and carefully chosen ingredients. Their production starts with milk, cream, sugar and eggs. There you can find also a small bunch of books to read and enjoy your ice-cream either inside or outside on a small open-air pavilion.

“Perché no is the oldest Gelateria in Florence. Every day we have a special sort of ice-cream which is “Ice-cream of the day”. Since this is a family business and we are four of us, we change the roles, except for the ice-cream maker who is always here to work,” said Valentina, the owner.

The price for an ice-cream with two flavours starts from 2 euros.


Another Gelateria that is worth going is Grom. The unique point of this ice-cream shop is that Grom gives you an opportunity to buy a GromCard with 20 euros having 20 euros credits on it that you can spend in any shop of Grom. It has 60 shops throughout Italy and 15 outside Italy.


“It’s working for 10 years already and we have 21 flavours of ice-cream and also we offer cookies. Besides, we create a special flavour called “Flavour of the month” and of course we change it every month,” said Mario, the owner.

The prices here start from 2.5 euros and there’s also a place to sit near the window and enjoy your ice-cream.

4. Vivoli

Vivoli is also one of the oldest Gelateria in Florence. It’s a lovely place where everyone smiles. The price for the smallest cup of ice-cream is 2 euros and the biggest one - 10 euros. Here you can have gelato, biscuits, fruits, drinks and small paninos.

“We are here since 1930, for almost 84 years. In 1966 the water level of Arno went up with more than 3 meters, so we had to rebuild our ice-cream shop. Besides we changed it a little bit, we made some reconstruction a couple times,” said Silvana, the owner.


She mentioned that they change the flavours seasonally and, as for now, they don’t have the same things, the same tastes as they had at the beginning: not only gelato but also the dishes changed.

“We have much better choice now. Besides, we just opened a brand-new Vivoli in New York. There is a lounge there but the architecture is a bit different, it’s based on the local wants and needs. But the most important thing is for us is to have the same product: good quality every time,” said Silvia.


She pointed that Florence is the motherland of Gelato, which means they have many competitors from good to bad ones. But Vivoli offers gelato just in cups, no preservatives. There you can make your choice and have a sit around the cozy tables.

5. Santa Trinita

When you cross the bridge from Piazza Santa Trinita, you will find a Gelateria called “Santa Trinita” just on the right corner of the street. 

This one has affordable prices starting from 1.5 euros, plenty of ice-cream flavours plus another room with biscuits, drinks and chairs to have a sit and enjoy. 

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