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Florence people: Domenico Cilenti an Italian famous chef in Florence

My relation with Florence? How did it start?
It started because of my business. I came to Florence as I am a consultant for a restaurant chain: Moyé.
This company owns restaurants in Milan, Miami and Florence… but I decided to live here. Florence has a fascination for me that no other city has.
I am betting on my future in this city. I want to live here. I want my family to live here. I want my children to have an education in this international city.

I arrived in Florence in December, 2014. Now I am sort of settled down. I got used to the city, to her atmosphere, to her unmistakable magic.

Why do I like this town so much?

I think because of her Beauty.

I come from a generous and beautiful land: Apulia. I am from Peschici, a little village in the north of Apulia.
I own a restaurant in this village, Porta di Basso, and with my family I run a relais (

What is my “mission” in Florence (because I have a mission in Florence!)?
To make known the Apulian food to Florence. To pair the pleasure of eating the typical products of my land with the architectonic beauty of Florence. To assemble the beauty of my region with the Beauty of Dante’s city, in a perfect and incomparable match.

It’s a gamble. My gamble. I cannot fail in this city. It is impossible to fail until this Beauty remains around me and gives me inspiration, day by day.

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