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ISTITUTO EUROPEO: studying Abroad in Florence: L' Aperitivo!

Studying Abroad in Florence: Aperitivo

Nightlife in Florence can start as early as 7:00 PM with a “passeggiata” in the center followed by an aperitivo. This Italian cocktail hour usually starts between 6 and 7 pm and continues until 9 or 10 PM. Appetizers and a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) are included in the price, and the spread can range from small portions of finger foods to a large buffet that could suffice for dinner. Most caffès and bars have an aperitivo, but here are a few suggestions of places to go:

  • Kitsch – 8 Euros will get you a drink and access to the buffet. Featuring everything from pasta to grilled vegetables to Tuscan cold cuts, this is the best value for those looking for a big food selection. There are two locations: Piazza Beccaria and Via San Gallo, 20.
  • Rifrullo – Located in the San Niccolò neighborhood, this was Florence’s first American Bar. It attracts a local crowd and is always busy for aperitivo. Patrons can sit by the bar and buffet, outside on the patio on warmer evenings,  or head out back to a large, comfortable room with a fireplace for cooler nights. Via San Niccolò, 55R.
  • Caffè Sant’Ambrogio – Offering aperitivo at the price you would pay for a drink on their normal menu, Sant’Ambrogio is always full around 8 PM. In the warmer months you can sit outside in Piazza Sant’Ambrogio, but even in the colder months it is a local hot spot. Take time to explore this neighborhood, as it is also famous for its restaurants and outdoor market.
  • Sei Divino – This wine bar is a great place to hang out because they typically have different entertainment ranging from live bands to local DJ’s each night. Aside from the staff’s knowledge of wine and spirits, they also offer a small aperitivo that is different each night. For those looking for more food, it’s possible to order a “tagliere,” or cutting-board of local meats and cheeses. Borgo Ognissanti, 42
  • Slowly – Aperitivo at this trendy lounge is very low-key. It is possible to sit at the bar or organize larger tables for a party or big group of friends. Via Porta Rossa, 63R
  • Rooftop of Rinascente – A drink and a traditional salty snack with olives will cost a bit more at the top of this department store, but the view is spectacular. This is also a great place to grab a coffee and sit with friends during the afternoon if you don’t mind paying the cover!

These are only a few of the many great places to take part in aperitivo and I encourage you to find your own places to go. Some places will have a cover in addition to the aperitivo price, so be aware of what you are paying for before you order.

By Paige Gherardi

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