mercoledì 12 ottobre 2011

ISTITUTO EUROPEO Study Abroad, Call a Taxi Using Skype

One of the most famous taxis in Florence
By Paige Gherardi

On October 13th it will be possible to call for a taxi without charge using Skype. Co.Ta.Fi (Cooperativa Tassisti Fiorentina) operates Taxi Firenze 4390 and for its 40th anniversary has come up with a way to revolutionize taxi services in Florence. Using the skype contact “taxi.firenze” or clicking on the Skype icon on the company’s website will make for an easier way to arrange a taxi pick-up without charge. Co.Ta.Fi is creating a new look and brand through introducing Skype, a new website, blue taxis, and a new logo. All other taxi services can be arranged on their direct line, which remains as 055 4390.

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