mercoledì 13 marzo 2013

Hi There!!!

My name is Katarzyna Drossel.  I am 24 years old student from Scotland.  Originally I come from Poland but now my home is in the 'Whisky Land'.  I study Accounting in Scotland, but now I am here in this beautiful place.  I came to Florence for an internship at ISTITUTO EUROPEO.  This is going to be a huge adventure for me, so I am all excited about everything what is going to happen in the close future.  I will stay in Florence for only 2 weeks but I will try to spend most of my free time on visiting places.  Florence as a city is amazing, so if you are interested i travel it will have to appear on your 'to visit' list.  I really recommend this place for every one of you.  Wish me luck during this adventure!

Kasha   :)

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