giovedì 21 novembre 2013

Study Abroad. Another ISTITUTO EUROPEO'S Shocking offer

Foto via Italian Insight

A 12 weeks internship for 3034 euros!!!

Istituto Europeo offers prospective applicants this unique opportunity to pursue a career in an selected experience of excellence at Istituto Europeo. Istituto Europeo has committed to providing an internship program of excellence and high quality 

  Registration Fee
  Internship placement opportunity in a Florentine business or organization
  Intensive Italian language training (80 lessons for 4 weeks).
  Housing in a Double Room in student apartment with use of kitchen and utilities (Internet Not Included)
  Welcome orientation upon arrival
  English speaking representative and intern support services
  Various intern services and learning support services
  Internet service during normal business hours
  Wireless connection (WI-FI Zone in IE building)
  Reliable mail service
  IE Transcript (Italian language)
  IE Supervisor Evaluation
  Worker's compensation insurance (required for all internship in Italy)

                  Tel. +39055217403

*The prices out above are to be considered within the special offer and therefore cannot under any circumstances be discounted, reduced or changed in any way. In case of cancellation, there will be no refund.*

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