lunedì 15 giugno 2015

Florence Hosts the Best in International Fashion: Pitti Immagine 2015

Florence is a major center of worldwide fashion, and upholds this title through the events of Pitti Immagine. Pitti Immagine is an exhibition of fashion, lifestyle, and the latest trends with exhibitions from over 1,000 international brands. There are a few different categories of events which take place throughout the year in Florence, and beginning tomorrow, June 16, the 88th edition of Pitti Uomo will open its doors to inspiration. The exhibition will last from June 16-18 at Fortezza da Basso with different events and shows each day, each showcasing various designers and fashion trends, particularly related to men's lifestyle.

The overall theme of this summer's exhibitions is "THAT'S PITTICOLOR!" which is a celebration of all the color that surrounds us and inspires life and fashion. There will be special events based around the theme, including LIVINGCOLOR, a look at color as it influences our lives from all aspects, and #GOLDMANIAC, a special collection designed to pay tribute to the color gold and all of its sparkling attributes.

Each day will host a wide variety of events throughout the city as well. For example, at the end of the first day, a special talk titled, "Buoni Talenti," will define the necessary ingredients for innovation in future design. This talk will feature speakers like Sara Maino, the senior editor of Vogue Italia, Matteo Cibic, the designer for Benetton, and Alessandro Colombo, the director for Istituto Europeo di Design Firenze. A major goal of this entire event is to inspire and support young designers who will become the future of the fashion industry.

There will also be the 81st exhibition of Pitti Bimbo, which celebrates trends in children's fashion this summer, June 25-27. In July, Florence will host Pitti Filati for its77th year. Pitti Filati showcases works of knitting and yarn, and is the biggest gathering for this type of fashion in the world. For more event information, visit the official website at

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