lunedì 29 giugno 2015

Museum Exhibits: "Anche Le Sculture Muoiono," Palazzo Strozzi

July is the last month to visit the exhibit "Anche Le Sculture Muoiono" now on display at Palazzo Strozzi. The title translates to "Sculptures Also Die," and is centered around contemporary sculpture. The exhibit features work by thirteen artists, Italian as well as international. The artists featured in this collection have incorporated the use of materials and textures that relate the past and present of art in their works. 

According to the curator of the Strozzi exhibit, Lorenzo Benedetti, "Consumed in the immediacy of the present, the transformation of its meaning and value, and the “death” of its original state, the exhibition allows to measure the passage of time, responding to the need to look towards an indeterminate future."

Artists featured display particular themes in their work, such as the use of 3D techniques in a modern manner to explore culture, the nature and use of certain materials, the distortion and fragmentation of sculpture, and more. The exhibit is aimed to create conversation and thought about the impact of sculpture beyond just art, and into the politics and cultures of society. It will run until July 26 at Palazzo Strozzi, located in the heart of Florence's historic city center. This is a great opportunity to experience contemporary artwork in a city known for it's renaissance culture. 

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