mercoledì 5 ottobre 2016

Johnny Bruschetta in Florence: in the land of Italian bruschetta

by Ilaria Gelichi

Bruschetta: an Italian specialty with no good translation in English but so well-known that it does not need one. In the heart of Florence Daniele Martini, owner of the restaurant, decided to do business with the famous slice of bread.
Of course Johnny’s bruschettas are not simple slices of bread seasoned with garlic and olive oil as the tradition says. On the menu there are more than thirty types of bruschettas to choose from and the size goes from 40 centimetres to 2 metres! Ingredients are always fresh and come from the surrounding area, as well as the bread that is specially prepared in “bruschetta-size” with different types of flour. Besides bruschetta, the menu offers a selection of pasta and soups from the Tuscan tradition. Desserts are always homemade. And to drink? Tuscan wines and craft beers, of course. All this at a very affordable price: you can eat for 18 Euros, drinks included.
Johnny Bruschetta recently opened also on the Tuscan coast, in Marina di Massa and in the near future there is also an opening abroad, in London. So good luck to Daniele and to his bruschetta!

Where: Johnny Bruschetta, Via de' Macci, 77 - Florence

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