giovedì 27 maggio 2010

Istituto Europeo: Fine Arts Courses Offered at Istituto Europeo

Istituto Europeo offers Fine Arts courses for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Below is a list of Fine Arts courses offered at Istitute Europeo:

ART 210 Beginning Oil Painting
ART 310 Intermediate Oil Painting
ART 410 Advanced Oil Painting
ART 476 Watercolor

ART 308 Sketchbook of Florence
ART 209 Drawing Beginning Life Drawing
ART 309 Intermediate Life Drawing
ART 409 Advanced Life Drawing

ART 231 Introductory Ceramics
ART 230 Introductory Sculpture
ART 311 Sculpture: Figuring the Human Figure

ART 205 Introduction to Photography
ART 206 Intermediate Photography
ART 476. Special Topics in Art Studio: Advanced Photography
ART 476 Shooting Like the Tuscan Masters

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