giovedì 27 maggio 2010

Istituto Europeo: Istituto Europeo's Music Program

The Music Department at Istituto Europeo, developed for both amateur and professional instrumentalists and singers, offers an intense and stimulating musical environment. The institute organizes monthly concerts, held inside the institute and in prestigious Florentine concert halls.

Music courses offered by Istituto Europeo:

MU 231 History of Italian Music I
MU 335G History and Language of Opera
MU 476 Special Topics in Music: Libretti of Opera
MU 476 Special Topics in Music: Operatic Voice Registers
MU 111 Elementary Piano
MU 112 Advanced Piano
MU 116 Singer’s Diction I
MU 117 Singer’s Diction II
MU 199 Special Topics in Music: Music of Naples
MU 199 Special Topics in Music: Vocal Music Together
MU 214 Vocal Technique for Lyrical Singers
MU 235 Accompaniment by Piano
MU 476 Vocal Music of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque
MU 476 Interpretation of Chamber Lyrics
Independent Study for Music Specialization

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