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TOP 5 Pizzerias in Florence

by Ilaria Gelichi

A pizza is made with water, flour, salt and yeast and flavoured with various ingredients. Quite simple, but behind an ordinary margherita there is much more: tradition, sun, colours, taste, in one word Italy. Pizza is a synonymous of Italian culinary tradition and Italy itself, especially the southern regions. However, even in Florence you can find excellent pizzerias: here is a top 5 list – of course in our opinion.

1. Il Pizzaiuolo - Via de’Macci 113, Firenze

This is a classic Neapolitan pizzeria, and is located in the centre of Florence, in the neighbourhood of S. Ambrogio. I suggest to reserve a table, especially during the weekend, because it is always very crowded – otherwise you will have to stay in line waiting for a table. For this reason, the service and the waiters are very quick. The pizza here is the classic one, with high dough and genuine ingredients. Strongly recommended: Neapolitan mixed fried appetizers and burrata.

2. Il Vico del Carmine – Via Pisana 40r, Firenze

It is another classic Neapolitan pizzeria in Oltrarno (the other side of the river Arno), furnished in the style of Naples’ alleys. The pizza dough is again high, as traditionally. Fish dishes are also very good. Excellent the pizza with sausage and friarielli, a typical vegetable. If you go, reserve a table in advance.

3. Spera – Via della Cernaia 9r, Firenze

This small pizzeria is located just outside of the centre, between Piazza della Libertà and Piazza Leopoldo. However, it is worth a visit: the owner won some international prizes with her pizzas. The dough is soft, similar to bread and it is possible to choose between classic, wholegrain and kamut. Ingredients put on the pizza are either classic or creative. It is not possible to reserve a table, so you just have to be patient and wait for your turn.

4. O’Munaciello – Via Maffia 31r, Firenze

O’Munaciello is another Neapolitan pizzeria, well-known in Florence. It is located in S. Spirito neighbourhood, in an ancient cloister of XVII century, and furnished in Neapolitan style. Beside the classic high-dough pizza, here you can find a lot of typical dishes of Neapolitan tradition: appetizers, fish, etc. Reservation suggested, especially during the weekend.

5. Gustapizza – Via Maggio 46r, Firenze

This pizzeria is located in the same neighbourhood of O’Munaciello, near Palazzo Pitti and S. Spirito church. The atmosphere is friendly and cheerful and the place is crowded, there is usually a line outside the door. They do not serve at the table – a wine barrel adapted to a table – and you will share it with others. They also have the take-away service, so you can buy your pizza and eat it outside in the beautiful Piazza S. Spirito. Each day there is a couple “pizza of the day”; the dough is very soft and tasty.

And you? Which pizzeria would you recommend in Florence? We wait for your comments!

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