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A guide to free wi-fi spots in Florence

by Ilaria Gelichi

One of the first questions asked by foreign students and tourists visiting Florence is “where can I find free Wi-Fi?”. Well, good news is coming: starting from September, 5 2013, Florence is the first city in Italy to have free Wi-Fi connection – without asking for registration or password.
To be honest, Florence has had Wi-Fi spots since 2009 but it was necessary to register and wait for the password via text message. Now, you just need to turn on your device and join “FirenzeWiFi”: the only limit is 2 hours (even divided) or 300MB per day. The best spots are the main squares of the city centre, Cascine park and the tramway line – on board and at the stops, from Santa Maria Novella train station to Scandicci. Other spots are historic palaces (museums, villas), libraries, main parks, universities (Viale Morgagni, Via Alfani, Arcetri Observatory, etc.), parking (Santa Maria Novella, etc.). Please notice that the connection may not work or be slow because of the huge amount of people using it.
Good to know: owners of the Firenze Card ( can use the connection for 72 hours – the duration of the card.

In the last few years, many cafes and restaurants has started offering free Wi-Fi connection for their customers; sometimes the spot is open, but most of the times you have to ask for the password. A “Wi-Fi” sticker on the door means that the café or restaurant offers this service.
 Some examples:

- Caffè Strozzi (open hotspot)
Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze
- Caffè Florian (ask for the password)
Via del Parione, Firenze
- Caffetteria delle Oblate (open hotspot)
Via dell’Oriuolo 26, Firenze
- Hard Rock Cafè (open hotspot)
Via Dè Brunelleschi 1, Firenze

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