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10 Reasons Studying Abroad and Interning in Florence Will Change Your Life

Deciding where to study or intern abroad can be a difficult decision to make. The world is full of countries and cities that offer to open up their secrets to those who visit, and especially to students who come with a craving to learn. You want to gain experience in a city that welcomes you to explore, a place that has depth of culture and history, that offers to bring a new discovery everyday while at the same time making you feel like you could really belong. Florence is this city. The dream of a life changing, eye-opening experience abroad can be attained through the magic that hangs in the air above the emerald river and explodes with every savory bite of Tuscan cuisine. The reasons to choose Florence as your study abroad or internship location are as countless as the stars that light up the sky above Piazzale Michelangelo, but here are just a few to give you a taste of what you will experience.

1. Learning about the city while living in it. 
2. Eating amazing and authentic Italian food everyday (and drinking Italian wine too!)
3. Being able to travel and explore the rest of Italy through the train system. Florence is a great central location that makes weekend trips around the country a breeze.
4. Making international friends. Whether with other students at your program or the Florentine locals, there are so many opportunities to meet new people and make lifelong friends. 
5. A center for high fashion that can be seen both in the shop windows and on the people walking down the street.
6. "La bella lingua!" Italian really is one of the most beautiful languages, and learning to speak it (even a little) will greatly enhance your study abroad experience.
7. History lives on in every aspect of the city, from the renaissance buildings and frescos to the various traditional festivals that take place throughout the year.
8. Discovering a new "you" through your interactions with the city and the culture. The spirit of Florence will increase your understanding of your own character.
9. The architecture will keep your eyes fixed upwards as you marvel at the ability the Renaissance masters had to create such incredible works of art.
10. Walking through the city is easily the best way to spend an afternoon. You will discover the sounds, sights, and smells that make Florence the unique corner of the world that it is. 

So, what are you waiting for? The dream of Florence awaits you!

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