martedì 21 luglio 2015

Exciting Internships Available with Istituto Europeo in Florence, Italy!

Istituto Europeo offers internship opportunities for students in Florence, Italy. In the past we have had many interns from American universities, and we have had great expeiences with them. Interns are accepted year-round, and are given the chance to live in the city and learn about Italian culture while expanding their knowledge of their specific field during their internship.

We would love to continue working with American students, and encourage the experience of learning and living abroad. Currently, we are looking for interns in the fields of Marketing, Journalism, Digital Public Relations, and Video Making. Interns who come to Istituto Europeo will be given responsibilities related to their field and expected to work with us as well as assert some level of independence in their work. This is a great opportunity for university students who want to complete an internship somewhere exciting and vibrant.

If interested in applying for an internship, contact Istituto Europeo at or find more information on our website,

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