giovedì 2 luglio 2015

No Popcorn But Plenty of Elegance at the Odeon Theater in Florence

by Laura Tressel

Summer in Florence is very hot. The cobblestones trap heat from the sun and the narrow streets act as ovens. As much fun as it is to walk around and explore the city under the open blue skies, sometimes an alternate, indoor activity is welcome as an escape. Sure you could go to a museum, but the crowds there make the space almost as warm as outside. What about catching a movie in a beautiful, historical, and air conditioned theater? The Odeon Theater in Florence is an attraction well worth a visit, both for it's entertainment (they play movies with original sound and Italian subtitles for everyone to enjoy!) and for it's long and rich history.

Odeon was the first movie theater in Florence, and one of the first in Italy. It was opened in 1922, but it's history begins long before that. The original building was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi and built in 1457. Eventually the building was remodeled to house the theater, and was bought by the Italian-American Cinema Society.

Originally, the theater only played silent movies and hosted musical and theatrical performances, but today they show current films as well as host special events. The theater has a rounded amphitheater shape which allows for fantastic acoustics, and the incredible ceiling and decorative interior take the movie-going experience to another level. Many famous actors, musicians, and directors have graced the stage of the Odeon, including Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Ralph Fiennes, Kate Winslet, and Roberto Benigni.

The theater will be closed for the month of August, but for the rest of July, the theater is showing Infinitely Polar Bear, Ted 2, The Mystery of Dante, and 5 Flights Up. They have showings every day of the week, and offer special discounted tickets for students during the weekdays. There is also a bar attached to the theater, so you can grab a caffè before the show or a glass of wine to enjoy during. With such a long history and marvelous atmosphere, Odeon Theater is one of Florence, and Italy's, stars of the entertainment industry. 

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