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Vegetarian Restaurants in Florence

 by Louisa Loring

Maybe you never thought about it or maybe you have been searching for a change from that Florentine steak, but Florence is home to many vegan and vegetarian options.  In a country where meat is a constant staple in the diet, it might appear to be lacking in these types of restaurants but Florence is actually scattered with various options, either for lunch, dinner or for a sweet snack. 

Dolce Vegan: Via San Gallo, 92/r
This restaurant serves not only organic, vegan lunches but is also home to a bakery and catering service.  With the newly added raw menu as of December 2013, the restaurant keeps expanding.  There are homemade pasta and rice dishes as well as alternative meat proteins and creative beans.  If you don’t have time to sit down, there is also a take away option for those with busy schedules. 

Bveg: Via Orti Oricellari 6/r
This bistro offers both a vegetarian and vegan menu with various choices made with local ingredients and produce.  You can either stop in for a proper meal or have one of their artesian beers or fresh squeezed juices while profiting from their free Wi-Fi.

Caffellatte – La latteria: Via degli Alfani, 39/r
This whole in the wall is plating up organic vegetarian dishes and desserts.  Everything is run and handmade by the owners.  Come either for their brunch all day or for a slice of cake and a cup of tea in the afternoon.  You can also purchase local and fair trade products such as tea, chocolate and milk. 

Il Sedano Allegro: Via Farini 1/3 r
This vegetarian restaurant was established in 1990 and is still a favorite today.   It is casual and quite but will sure to please with a menu full of first and second course dishes such as baked eggplant, strawberry risotto and vegetarian skewers. 

Il Vegetariano: Via delle Ruote, 30/r
This roman vegetarian restaurant has daily specials to accompany the daily fixed menu.  There are no waiters; the chef serves you and you choose either to sit inside or outside on the terrace.  Its cozy atmosphere and kind staff will keep you coming back again and again. 

Le Fate: Borgo Allegri, 9
This restaurant has put a unique spin on its menu by bringing together astrology with food.  Every zodiac sign is paired with a specific vegetarian or vegan friendly dish.  There is also Wi-Fi and music.

La Raccolta: Via Giacomo Leopardi, 2/r
La Raccolta is both a health food store and a restaurant in one.  Since 1985, they have been selling local and organic produce and goods while serving up vegan meat options for lunch.  They serve raw foods and also accommodate those with gluten allergies.   Dine in or take out, this place is a one stop hit with all you need. 

Ruths: Via Luigi Carlo Farini, 2a
Although this restaurant does serve fish, the menu is lacto-vegetarian. Located in the Jewish quarter of town next to Sant’Ambrogio, Ruths will accommodate vegans upon request. If you are still working on your Italian skills, don’t worry because they speak English here.

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