giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

More Feltrinelli bookstores in Florence soon

 by Louisa Loring

With online companies becoming more and more popular by offering low prices and growing at an incalculable rate, mom and pop bookstores are more and more quickly being forced to throw in the towel and call it quits.  For those of us who could spend hours browsing a bookstore looking for staff picks and flipping through the newly released, this is a sad time.  But, not all hope is lost with the announcement of the Italian bookstore, Feltrinelli that plans to open two more locations in Florence to their already two locations in via Cavour (the international store) and in via De’ Cerretani. 

The first new location is scheduled to open shortly in Piazza della Repubblica where the old bookshop Edison closed in November 2012.  Modeled after the Roman store, this Feltrinelli will open with a new system RED (read, eat, dream) that brings together the pleasure of reading with the pleasure of eating and drinking with its own restaurant.  In this way, the bookstore manage to find a niche in the ever growing world of online competition by offering people the opportunity to spend a rainy afternoon reading new books while enjoying a plate of pasta or a good glass of wine.  In addition, the franchise plans to open another location in train station of Santa Maria Novella, which is sure to ensure good business by reeling in all those travelers looking to pass the time while waiting for their connecting train. 


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