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Eating Lunch on a Budget: I Due Fratellini

I Due Fratellini

By Paige Gherardi

If you want one of the best panini you can find in Florence, try I Due Fratellini. Their sandwiches are made with the freshest ingredients on a soft, chewy roll. The sandwich shop is literally a hole in the wall and customers order their sandwich and glass of wine then enjoy their meal in the street. The menu is posted here below, but they often have flyers posting new ingredients and you can always build your own panino. The line can get very long at I Due Fratellini during lunch hours, but the guys working inside know how to pump out orders and keep the line moving. If you’re looking to stick to a budget while in Florence, you can’t beat their €2.50 panino. Paired with a glass of wine, lunch costs around €5.  

I Due Fratellini Menu

Ham, soft goat cheese, lettuce
Ham, pecorino
Ham, mozzarella
Ham, roast pork, parsley sauce
Ham, roast pork, mushroom
Mozzarella, tomato
Tuna, tomato, onion
Tuna, capers
Tuna, parsley sauce
Panino & Vino
Anchovy, butter
Anchovy, parsley sauce
Herring, butter
Herring, onion
Herring, parsley sauce
Soft goat cheese, Tuscan salami with fennel
Sundried tomato, pecorino
Soft goat cheese, sundried tomato
Salami, artichokes
Wild boar salami, butter
Roast pork
Fresh sausage, eggplant
Truffled pecorino, lettuce
Bologna, eggplant
Bacon, peppers
Bresaola (dried salted beef), lettuce
Spicy salami, goat cheese
Ham, roast pork, truffle cream
Vegetarian mix

#23 and #28 are €3.00 each and all others are €2.50 each

Where: Via dei Cimatori, 38/r
When: Open Monday – Sunday from 9 AM until 8 PM

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