venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Florence People: Davide Trudu to Florence with Love

My name is Davide, I am 36 and come from Porto Cervo, Sardinia, the amazing Sardinia, my homeland. In Porto Cervo I worked as a barman in a bar for VIPs. Every day I met rich and upper class people. I had long and interesting talks with them, about life, politics and the economy. After work, I used to bathe in the blue sea of Sardinia. I loved my job. I loved Sardina and Porto Cervo.

Now I work at the restaurant Moyé in Florence. I came to Florence for love. Love is a big mover, as Aristotele said, that moves everything around while being unmoved. I am now in Florence because my companion is originally from Florence.  I now live in this beautiful city. An outdoor museum, a living piece of history, where tradition and innovation are intertwined day by day, where Beauty is embedded, where art and architectonic volumes are perspiring from the ancient walls of each palace. 

While living here I developed an aesthetic sense that I had not had before.
First I loved simple life, food, wine, my work; now I also love art, architecture, and Beauty.

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