venerdì 30 gennaio 2015

Florence People: Paolo Di Leo, philosophy professor

Prof. Paolo Di Leo
What does Florence mean for me? Simple things: life, beauty, pleasure, food, wine. Every time I return to Florence I am enchanted by this town. In Singapore, where I teach, life has another style, another pace. Singapore is a modern country without history. I cannot breathe the same atmosphere there that I breathe in Florence. In Florence, history is alive; the memory of princes, duchesses, painters and sculptors is something palpable and accomplishable. In Singapore, I teach philosophy and philosophy of architecture, but I need to leave that city once a year and fly to Florence, which is certainly paradise for someone like me who can't help regenerating in this amazing environment. I originally come from South Italy, Lucania, but when I stay in Florence, I never miss my origins. It's like my real roots are here. Here I find the sameness, the unity of opposites that are daily overpowering my two-world-life, but my hope is to live here for good, one day.

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