lunedì 28 giugno 2010

The Florence Newspaper: Tourists Charged for Buying Fake Designer Bags

Before you buy that fake designer bag, consider that you could be charged a fee that could cost more than what you paid for the bag. Italian officials are cracking down on tourists who are purchase counterfeit bags from street vendors. Recently a tourist in Jesolo was charged around $1,200 for buying a counterfeit bag. Police said the 65 year old woman purchased the designer bag for around 7 Euros. It was later explained to her that is Italian law to punish both the seller and purchaser of counterfeit goods. Many people would argue that it is not fair to charge an ill-informed tourist a fee about something they knew nothing about. However, the Italian law is not something to be taken lightly. Italian officials have strict regulations on counterfeit goods because they are controlled by crime gangs. The city’s counselor for security, Andrea Bocco added that “buying illegal goods only support exploiting illegal immigrants.” In the months to come, Italian officials will continue to enforce their laws concerning counterfeit goods.

Written by Jade Kennedy
Fashion Intern at The Florence Newspaper

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