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The Florence Newspaper: One Year Anniversary of Devastating Viareggio Train Derailment

June 29th, 2009 marked a day in Tuscan history never to be forgotten. In the seaside resort village of Viareggio, a horrifying train accident killed thirty-two people ranging in age from two to ninety years old. This past week, the government is finally settled disputes over one of the deadliest train accidents in Italian history.

A freight train containing petroleum gas derailed from its tracks, exploding in the back yard of residential homes. The government announced a state of emergency, evacuating 1,000 residents of Viareggio. Remarks by residents exclaim the horrifying explosions right outside their windows that late summer night, the scent of gas, and the visions of flames, haunt them in their sleep.

A year of mourning, and while nothing could replace the lives that were taken that summer night, it is time the government takes responsibility for the event. After harsh criticism by the Tuscan people (he was received 'boo's' during his initial visit to Viareggio), Berlusconi's government is now aiding the relatives of the victims with the amount of ten million Euros. The senate made this announcement earlier this week.

Viareggio has marked the deadliest train accident in the past decade, those also in the rankings for worst accidents include:

*June 1992; Train collision near Turin, six died, thirty-three injured.
*January 1997; Train derailed in Piacerna, eight dead, thirty injured.
*June 2000; Near Parma train collision, five dead, one injured.
*July 2002; Train heading to Venice derailed, eight dead, forty-eigh injured.
*January 2005; Collision between passenger and freight train near Bologna, seventeen dead.

Written by Emily Marullo
Politics Intern for The Florence Newspaper

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