lunedì 28 giugno 2010

The Florence Newspaper: Beware! Ten Italian Laws That You Would Never Know About!

One may assume that, the Italian Parliament Members must be hard at work if they’re receiving a monstrous salary of twelve thousand Euros per month. How is it then that these ridiculous laws were prioritized and put on the agenda before others, and how frequently are they even enforced?

1. In Lucca do not even think about feeding those eager pigeons! You could suffer a hefty fine for feeding the friendly birds.

2. On the beautiful beaches of Eraclea (near Venice), it is illegal to build a sandcastle. It has been suggested that these masterpieces interfere with passerby’s, thus deeming them “obstruction of passage.”

3. You are not allowed to mow your law on the weekend in Forte dei Marmi.

4. Groups of three or more people singing, dancing, drinking, or eating (living life) in the streets of Rome could result in a five hundred Euro fine!

5. It is illegal for Mafia inmates to sing in prison; their melodies suggest they are communicating in code to each other.

6. Cross dressing is illegal. That is a man is not able to wear a skirt without receiving a fine, Scottish or not!

7. In Rome it is very tricky to own a pet goldfish. Keeping a goldfish in a round glass bowl is considered cruel and thus illegal. The ban of goldfish in round glass bowls began in 2005.

8. The Florence padlock fad to illustrate pure romantic dedication to your significant other is not allowed on any public statues.

9. Public display of affection in a car can slap you with a fine of five hundred Euros!

10. In Milan it is required that citizens smile at all times. The only exception is for funerals or visiting patients in hospitals, it is enforced with a one hundred Euro fine.

Written by Emily Marullo
Politics Intern at The Florence Newspaper

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