mercoledì 23 giugno 2010

The Florence Newspaper: Tourism in Tuscany Unaffected by Economic Crisis

“We are a region” claims Christina Ladder, the regional minister for tourism. When the world faces a 4.3% drop in tourism, Tuscany is resilient. With a regional drop of only .7% and national drop of 4.7% the region of Tuscany appears to be unaffected by this crisis. Tuscany holds its strengths in its ability to join art, history, food, wine and landscape into an attractive combination suitable for all tourists.

Tuscany has taken the initiative to raise its competitiveness. Such measures include the use of the web. Exploiting this media has allowed Tuscany to reach new markets overseas including the nations of India and China. With a regional focus on sustainable tourism, Tuscany is making the effort increase quality at its “front doors” including, airports, highway, and information services.

Tourism functions as a business like many nations. A total of 56.6% of all businesses operate in art and business. In late 2009 a total of 26,630 businesses were registered by the tourism sector including services in reception and catering. With a growth in hospitality services there had been a growth in the potential to find work. Numerous residents of Tuscany, especially young people and women have benefited from this increase in business. There is a positive outlook of employment for the residents of Tuscany.

Tuscany has learned to take full advantage of the economic gains introduced by foreigners. Economic gains have been obtained by both the nation and the people of the nation by way of new businesses and opportunities for growth. With its strengths and initiative Tuscany has managed to swerve this crisis, and avoid the economic deficit which other counties have suffered.

Written by Shannon Coleman
Anthropology and Culture Intern at The Florence Newspaper

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