giovedì 1 luglio 2010

The Florence Newspaper: From Straw to Hat Exhibit at the Museo Marino Marini

The Museo Marino Marini located at Piazza San Pancrazio opened its doors to the public to showcase their latest exhibit entitled, From Straw to Hat. The exhibit is scheduled to run from June 29th to July 31st, 2010. The exhibit showcases beautiful hats from Italy, Switzerland, and England. At the exhibit you will learn that not only is Italy known for having high quality leather goods, but Italy is also known for having the highest quality straw hats. At the exhibit there are numerous hats on display and you can read the stories about some of the most famous hats in the world. Not only that but, there are videos about the hat creation process, audio clips that feature interviews with milliners, and even songs about hats! There is also a portion of the exhibit where you can see hats from each decade of the 20th century. You are able to try the hats on and see what era suits you best. The exhibit is very hands on and informative, and it offers something for the whole family. For more information about this exhibit visit

Written by Jade Kennedy
Fashion Intern at The Florence Newspaper

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